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Check the current weather conditions in the Barkerville and Bowron Lake area. Live webcam overlooking Mt. Murray, updates every 5 minutes.

Leif's Blog

Studio Grandell Photography is operated by Leif Grandell (see blog). Here you’ll find a selection of photos mainly from the Cariboo area of British Columbia, Canada.

Two of our favorite places are the Bowron Lake Park and Barkerville Historic Town. Nature photography, wildlife, flowers or small creatures are among our great joys of life.

Technical assignments, micro and macro, microscope photography, reproductions, real estate, pole, tricky interiors or exteriors, news photography, it's all within our area of expertise.

We do digital still photography, working with professional equipment, taking pride in keeping up with times.

Eva is now a Certified Banting Coach, (see Eva's website). She has also taken up weaving again.

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